DMENZO is an independent agency specialized in digital media strategy, planning, optimisation, monitoring and buying. As an independent full-service agency, we are the ultimate business partner. You can turn to us for all your online needs worldwide and we can lend you a helping hand at any knowledge level. We are closely involved in every individual element and every moment of a successful campaign.

SEARCH ENZO has several Adwords Qualified Professionals, Analytics Qualified Professionals, Social Media Experts among its staff and is a Google Certified Partner. Search Enzo advises on how to significantly improve the ranking of websites in search engines and our Search & Social Media Marketeers are 24/7 dedicated to reach your marketing/sales goals. From Engagement to Conversion.

CREATIONLINE develops concepts, creations and techniques for online campaigns. After all, the coordination of creation and strategy ensures that all elements of your online presence link up seamlessly for maximum results. The development of digital media creation & techniques, takes place in house and forms the basis for successful campaigns, thanks to the direct link between the media strategy and creative execution.

DATAENZO is a so called Business Intelligence System and gives Real Time Insights about your Campaigns. DataEnzo is capable to convert generic media data into usable integrated Marketing information. Media, and online (social) media in particular, is developing rapidly and the possibilities are expanding daily. DataEnzo makes sure that you know what constitutes realistic goals for ‘tomorrow’, based on information and results from ‘yesterday and today.’

With more than a decade of experience in digital media including Forbes top 100 advertisers, the Zo Media Group introduced a new digital agency service. From first hand we see that many Blockchain based initiatives are in need of excellent (digital) media to get in the spotlights. Thousands of initiatives, are screaming for the attention to raise capital and to capture members. Here is where Blockchainenzo comes in.


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